About Universlink

With a wide expertise in ASIC design, AI, Cloud and Embedded systems, we offer a variety of AI driven solutions leveraging cloud and edge computing, we meet the different use cases expectations at home, workplace and even city wide.

  • ASIC Design
  • SaaS based CAD services in the Cloud
  • Cloud and Edge AI Systems
  • AI Solutions for Residential, Commercial and City use cases
  • IoT Security and IP Protection

We offer a wide range of services and real-time AI solutions


ASIC Design

Wide expertise in analog and digital design covering Analog, Mixed Signal and RF high speed IPs design, using technology nodes and flavors from SiGe BiCMOS, regular deep submicron bulk CMOS to RF-SOI CMOS technologies.



In a world where IT threat-vectors are becoming countless, BlueCap offers the most powerful hardware-based security for IoT devices and infrastructure. With a secure crypto-processor you have the maximum levels of protection.


Smart Parking

Scalable Edge AI technology for parking sensors, to optimize business efficiency with less revenue leaks and easier management, as well as a convenient way for users to find parking space easily for a greener city.


License Plate Recognition

Computer vision based technology for automated license plate number recognition. Beneficial for many use cases including automated parking payment, real time vehicle identification and tracking.


Traffic Analysis

A smart city technology to automate real-time identification and analysis of traffic, including car category classification and identification, pedestrian counting, accidents and anomaly detection.